repair solicitations

If you have ever questioned a proposal you received from an installation contractor you are not alone. We often wonder what’s included in the proposal? What’s excluded? Am I really getting what I asked for? Is this a fair price? The funny thing is ​ that installation contractors often have questions of their own that go unanswered, which cause them to sometimes provide inaccurate proposals​.

At Logical Facility Solutions we have relationships with building owners as well as installation contractors. Having these relationships we are able to bring building owners to installation contractors and installation contractors to building owners. This is done through a combination of competitive bidding, methodology evaluation, and logistics. In the end both the business owner and installation contractor save time and money.



preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance on HVAC equipment is often put aside for more “important” events in most buildings. Most contractors spend the majority of their week repairing equipment due to temperature complaints or mechanical failure. What most building owners don’t know is that for a nominal fee a contractor will establish a preventative maintenance contract that will keep HVAC equipment running effectively and efficiently and will give the building  owner the piece of mind of knowing ahead of time when a piece of equipment is expected to fail.

Although having a preventative maintenance contract sounds reassuring, many items are frequently overlooked. If a preventative maintenance contract is established, what does it include? How do I know the maintenance is really being done? What happens if additional repair is needed? Being in the business of preventative maintenance isn’t easy, but Logical Facility Solutions strives on making it at least a bit easier. We create specific preventative maintenance checklists based on ASHRAE standards that fit the needs of the building and make sense to the HVAC contractor. Logical Facility Solutions will also verify the frequency and quality of the preventative maintenance.