Local Law 84 - Energy Star Benchmarking

LFS delivers EPA Portfolio Manager benchmarking reports for various types of buildings to comply with Local Law 84. This law mandates annual energy and water benchmark reports for privately owned buildings over 50,000 square feet in size. Owners of covered buildings must benchmark theur builidnbg's energy and water use no later than May 1st of each year, starting in 2011.

Local Law 87 - Energy Efficiency Report

LFS  provides Energy Efficiency Reports (EERs) for various types of buildings to comply with Local Law 87. This law required buildings over 50,000 square feet to undergo an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit and Retro Commissioning Study every 10 years starting in 2013. Compliance deadlines are determined by the last digit of a building's tax block number. The requirements for the EER are as follows:

Energy Audit:

Energy audits must include all of the base building systems, including building envelope, HVAC systems, conveying systems, and electrical and lighting systems. The audit must identify all reasonable measures and capital improvements that would result in energy use or cost reductions, and associatyed savings, cost of implementation, and simple payback period.


The efficiency of base building systems must include an analysis of operating protocols, calibration, and sequencing, cleaning and repairs, and training and documentation issues. The retro-commissioning report must include information relating to the project team, building information, testing protocol, a master list of findings, and a catalogue of deficiencies corrected.

Local Law Compliance