Building Commissioning

Building Commissioning is a method of risk reduction for new construction and major renovation projects to ensure that building systems meet their design intent, operate and interact optimally, and provide the owner with what he or she wants. This systematic process typically includes building HVAC, controls, lighting, hot water, security, fire, and life safety systems.

Successful LFS building commissioning results in optimal energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, reduced change orders during construction, extended systems life, and reduced operation and maintenance costs, often paying for itself before construction is completed.

Lighting Design


Lighting technology seems to be changing every month. From sophisticated control technology to LEDs it's hard to determine when is the right time for a business or a facility to upgrade their lighting systems. At Logical Facility Solutions we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with different types of lighting technology upgrades and utilize the latest computer software to make sure that your space gets the light it needs with the least amount of energy.

Oil to Natural Gas Conversions (Local Law 43)


The use of heavy fuel oil (N0. 6 or No. 4) as a fuel source for a building's heating system is ineffcient, expensive, and releases harmful black soot into the air. New York City created Local Law 43 for buildings to discontinue using the dirtiest heating oil (No. 6) and switch to natural gas or to either No. 4 or No. 2 by 2015.


Logical Facility Solutions provides a one-stop shop for your conversion from engineering and design to permitting and conversion. A project engineer, at no cost to you, will visit and evaluate your building, and then create a customized conversion report with different options.